How to stop doing everything for your kids right now

The most common question I get asked is: how do I stop doing everything for my kids? It’s not pretty out there. Moms are overwhelmed and overworked. Dads are frustrated. Parents are sick of overcompensating then being treated like dirt when they tell their kids to put their clothes in the hamper. But families are […]

Stop telling your kids you’re proud of them and say this instead

I have never, ever told my kids I’m proud of them. At your own place, you need to do it too. We all need to stop praising kids and take a different approach. All we do when we praise our kids is instill in them that they need to constantly seek our approval. It’s a […]

How to raise grateful kids

Grateful kids are total parent goals. Who doesn’t want a kid who appreciates being driven to parties and soccer, who gets that the act of making dinner involves not just cooking but budgeting, meal planning and shopping? From the start I was determined to raise grateful kids because our heart tells us—and research doubles down […]